Gorgonzola SI Invernizzi

Si Invernizzi: the traditional creamery

The Si Invernizzi dairy company has maintained a constant attention to artisanal quality even within an industrial production process. Innovation and technological experimentation on one hand, the pursuit of taste and respect for the ancient art of cheesemaking on the other: a combination that has given life to a wide range of high quality Italian blue cheeses including Sant’Ambrogio, with a characteristic spicy saffron flavor.

SI Invernizzi

The History of the Company

1920 - giovanni invernizzi
The history of the Invernizzi brand has begun in 1920 when Giovanni Invernizzi opened a creamery with a continuous production of Gorgonzola and mountain cheeses. The first location was in Valsassina, a valley between Lake Como and the Bergamasque Alps.
Si Invernizzi
Si Invernizzi
1952 - ambrogio invernizzi
In 1952 his son Ambrogio Invernizzi inherited the factories, that were moved to Galliate a few years before. Here he built the first artisan dairy and founded the Caseificio Valticino, specialized in the production of Gorgonzola dolce and other typical cheeses of the Po Valley.
1952 - ambrogio invernizzi
1977 - Renato invernizzi 1977 - Renato invernizzi
In 1977 Renato Invernizzi succeeded his father and refined his skills and knowledge of Gorgonzola, becoming a true dairy expert.
Foto d’epoca Renato Invernizzi
Under his guidance, technology became part of the production process: he patented the shovel and the mortiser, two robotic tools that reproduce the same movements of the hands of cheesemakers.
The production moved to Trecate in 2000. A 14 thousand-square-meters factory became the headquarter of Si INVERNIZZI. The crowning achievement of his long career took place in 2008 when Renato Invernizzi was elected President of the Consortium for the Protection of the DPO Gorgonzola Cheese.
quarta generazione Invernizzi
The company’s fourth generation, with Marco, Mattia and Martina Invernizzi, passionately pursued the values ​​of the family business. Under their guidance, a new machine was patented in 2015 allowing a natural cheese ripening and maintaining high levels of hygiene on the rinds.
quarta generazione invernizzi
In 2019 IGOR Gorgonzola acquires Si Invernizzi keeping the brand’s founding values ​​of the brand unchanged: artisan quality and respect for the product, in order to further elevate the quality and offer of Gorgonzola around the world.
2021 Expansion of the plant in Trecate with 3,500 square metres dedicated to the ripening phase of Gorgonzola.

Facts and figures

The SI INVERNIZZI plant is located in Trecate. Here 400 wheels are produced every day and the plant can manage until 80000 wheels in the seasoning cells.

The creamery is based on the model of the original cheese-making process of milk thanks to the technique of the 700-liter hemispherical tanks, an ancient method that helps to produce cheese with a harmonious and rich taste.

Impianto produttivo SI Invernizzi

Every day, at dawn, 40.000 liters of cow’s milk arrive from the farms of the Ticino valley. Moreover, 9500 liters of sheep’s milk are delivered each month to produce goat and sheep blue cheeses.

Thanks to the acquisition by the IGOR group, Si Invernizzi will produce Gorgonzola only with milk certified to Animal Welfare in Dairy Cattle and MAB (Man and the Biosphere), holding the attention to the quality of raw materials, an essential aspect of its production and history. In 2021, Si Invernizzi's plant, located in Trecate, was expanded by 3,500 square metres, entirely dedicated to the ripening phase of Gorgonzola.


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