Do you really know IGOR don’t you?
Do you really know IGOR don’t you?

Have a nibble and get the taste!

A route back to the origins of our Gorgonzola, that stands out for craftsmanship, innovation and a big passion.

Our History

A family that works fiercely by three generations of entrepreneurs, from the past to the future!

Our Milk

A close attention to the quality of all our raw materials, as for our milk!

Our production

The perfect combination of high quality standards and wise dairy expertise.


A delicious Gorgonzola DOP, rich in vitamins and calcium, and easy to digest because naturally lactose-free!

Our Gran Riserva

Gran Riserva Leonardi, made in our artisanal creameries and following following the traditional methods.

Our commitment

A great love for our community through social and sport commitment.

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