Gorgonzola IGOR ideale per la crescita
Gorgonzola IGOR ideale per la crescita

Ideal for body development

A healthy balanced diet is essential for a healthy lifestyle. This is the only way we can give our children all the nutrients they need to help them perform at their best and grow up properly.

IGOR Gorgonzola is ideal for a normal body growth and development because it is made from 100% Italian pasteurized milk, rennet, milk enzymes, and salt: simple ingredients for a product leaner than you think. Indeed, 100 grams of Gorgonzola contain the same calories and fat as a chicken drumstick.

During growth and development, an individual needs protein, vitamins, a constant intake of calcium to promote the natural development of bones and teeth, and lots of milk enzymes to help boost the immune system. For this reason, IGOR Gorgonzola is the perfect food, especially for your children!


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