Gorgonzola IGOR naturalmente privo di lattosio
Gorgonzola IGOR naturalmente privo di lattosio

Gorgonzola: naturally lactose-free

Gorgonzola PDO is naturally free of lactose.
IGOR Gorgonzola is the first cheese certified Lfree and approved by the AILI (Italian Association for Lactose Intolerance).

Gorgonzola IGOR is the first cheese certified Lfree and approved by the AILI

Lactose intolerance

Lactose intolerance may have genetic causes or may be related to other intestinal diseases (in this case it is transitory) or more rarely, it might be congenital. It is estimated that 50% of Italian population suffers from this intolerance under more or less severe forms and there is an increase in cases.

Lactose is a sugar found in milk. Lactose is absorbed by our body thanks to lactase, an enzyme present in our intestine. Lactase deficiency causes a poor lactose absorption capacity and therefore a decreased ability to digest.

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Lactose in Gorgonzola

Let’s talk about milk enzymes. It is well-known that they improve digestion but not everyone knows the reason why: milk enzymes convert lactose into easily digestible sugars. A dairy product which is rich in milk enzymes and is therefore free of lactose, is, of course, our Gorgonzola.
Milk enzymes are essential in the production process of Gorgonzola.
They are put into milk’s tanks together with rennet, yeasts and Penicillium Roqueforti during the first phases of production. Bacteria activate a fermentation process, which will be followed by the processes activated by yeasts and moulds. This process consumes lactose until it is under the limit value of 0,1 g per 100 g of product.

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The LFREE Certification

logo AILI On 16th June 2016, the Italian Ministry of Health declared by decree DGSAN 24708 that a dairy product can be defined naturally lactose-free when the lactose residue is lower than 0,1 g per 100 g.

The Italian Association for Lactose Intolerance allows companies to use its logo, if the products have a lactose residue 10 times lower than the ministerial parameters. IGOR Gorgonzola has not only demonstrated compliance with this parameter by showing AILI multi-year analyzes on its Gorgonzola, but has also undergone analyzes carried out by the certification body in an accredited laboratory.

Tests carried out on Gorgonzola IGOR certified a lactose residue even lower than 0,002 g for 100 g of product; a quantity 100 times lower than the ministerial parameter. Currently, IGOR Gorgonzola is the only company in its sector that obtained this important certification. Therefore, the LFREE logo provided by the Italian Association for Lactose Intolerance has been added on the packs of our products.


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