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Gorgonzola, the perfect cheese for athletes.

Gorgonzola cheese is one of the most appreciated and best-known Italian delicacies in the world. But perhaps not everyone knows that it is also a food particularly suitable to the nutrition of athletes, as De Filippis has explained today in an article on this subject published in the Gazzetta dello Sport. In fact, the long ripening time of Gorgonzola promotes the breakdown of milk proteins, which are broken down into small amino acids, whose bioavailability is higher, as explained by Dr Emanuela Russo, dietician at the Inco (National Institute for the Treatment of Obesity) at the Irccs Ospedale Galeazzi-Sant’Ambrogio in Milan and at the Marathon Centre at the Palazzo della Salute-Wellness Clinic in Milan. The high protein content makes this cheese particularly suitable in the diet of athletes. Indeed, these nutrients play a fundamental role in the repair of muscle tissue after physical exercise, as well as in its strengthening. Furthermore, Gorgonzola is remarkably rich in calcium, 100 grams of this cheese contain three times as much as 100 ml of cow’s milk. This mineral is important for muscles but especially for bones, to prevent osteoporosis.
But that’s not all, as it contains important micronutrients such as folate, vitamin A, vitamin B12, zinc and phosphorus, Gorgonzola is useful in overcoming mental and physical fatigue, giving energy to be spent during exercise and in any other activity.
In the case of sportspeople, the daily amount of Gorgonzola can be as much as 80-100 grams, and it is especially recommended for those practicing endurance disciplines because it provides a precious source of energy. If one does not have cardiovascular problems, this cheese can also help people who are struggling to gain weight and muscle mass, as well as growing adolescents. Finally, being naturally lactose-free, it is also suitable for those who are intolerant to this milk sugar.

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