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BEE-FRIENDLY, the new project of the company IGOR towards sustainable growth

IGOR inaugurated a new beehive site at the factory in Cameri which stands on the edge of the Ticino valley, a suitable environment for the development and pollination of bees.

IGOR is very attentive to the environmental impact and this project, called BEE-FRIENDLY, is the result of the commitment towards sustainable growth.

Bees are one of the most important pollinators in the world: they ensure the survival of hundreds of animals and play a crucial role in the agriculture. It is known that pollinators are declining because of pollution and if they disappeared, the natural balance of the ecosystem will be ruined.

IGOR has always paid attention to the environmental sustainability: the company has chosen to use energy which comes only from renewable resources certified Axpo and obtained the certification ISO50001, attesting its energy efficiency and saving.

This is another initiative proving the commitment of Igor to the environmental impact: FRIENDS OF BEES.

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