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IGOR Gorgonzola got a great outcome thanks to the acquisition of Si Invernizzi.

This acquisition was strongly desired by the families Leonardi and Invernizzi, the respective owners of Igor and Si Invernizzi. These are families with more than 100 years of history and with a passion for Gorgonzola that has been handed down since generations. Both of them had a strong entrepreneurial intuition and invested in new dairy plants: Igor in 1996 with the new headquarter in Cameri in a modern plant provided with cutting-edge technologies and Si Invernizzi in 2000 with a new plant in Trecate, the target of the acquisition.

We decided to make this important step” - explains Fabio Leonardi, Ceo of Igor srl – “to further increase the quality and the offer of Gorgonzola in the world. Today, Igor produces Gorgonzola through two automatic industrial plants in Cameri and two artisanal factories with 3.000 liters of capacity, Pal in Valsesia and Clin in Cameriano. Thanks to the acquisition of Si Invernizzi we are going to add an artisanal production with a 700-liter-vat with a unique delicate processing of the curd. This will allow us to seize, strengthen and develop a new demand for SPOON Gorgonzola, which is becoming more popular in Europe, in addition to the classical Gorgonzola DOLCE AND PICCANTE, on the whole market. Moreover, SI INVERNIZZI will produce Gorgonzola only with milk certified to ANIMAL WELFARE IN DAIRY CATTLES AND MAB (MAN AND BIOSPHERE). Together with our dairy plant PAL, in Prato Sesia, which already obtained these certifications, we’ll add the one of Si Invernizzi. This will implement our SUSTAINABILITY project:
- HALAL Certification;
- Certification to ISO 50.001, the new international standard for energy management. This standard focuses on the implementation of an Energy Management System thanks to a systematic approach for monitoring consumption in order to allow a more rational use of energy sources which are involved in the whole production process of the company and to reduce their consumption, resulting in a significant energy saving;
- AILI Certification - Italian Association Lacto-Intolerant – thanks to which we ensure our lactose-intolerant consumers the natural absence of lactose in our Gorgonzola;
- BLU DI CAPRA IGOR, blue-cheese with 100% ITALIAN goat’s milk;
- We are developing a new packaging which is TOTALLY COMPOSTABLE for 200 g packs with the claim “LET’S SAVE THE SEAS”. We intend to commercialise it at the beginning of 2020

Renato Invernizzi, President of Si Invernizzi and of Consorzio per la tutela del formaggio Gorgonzola said: "We strongly wanted to carry out this operation to ensure the Dairy Plant of Si Invernizzi an even greater future thanks to the union with the prestigious Igor group, the leading company owned by Leonardi family. We have been sharing with them since generations the passion for this typical Italian food excellence appreciated all over the World”.

I would like to thank the consultants who assisted us during this important acquisition”, concludes Fabio LeonardiDr. Massimo Baiamonte, Dr. Corrado Colombo and Dr. Pietro Antonietti. Thank you to the members of Banco BPM, Dr. De Angelis, Dr. Manzoni, Dr. Rosati and Dr. Miggiano, who supported us proving the strong bond with the territory of Novara”.

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