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IGOR to reduce business energy costs with Intergem

IGOR, in line with its policy of energy conservation and sustainable development, has recently activated a 2 MW cogeneration plant.

In recent years, the company’s Headquarters in Cameri have undergone a massive plan of renovation and expansion, which has brought the total surface area of the factory from 35 thousand to 50 thousand square meters. In order to minimize energy costs deriving from the expansion of the production plant, the company has implemented an energy-saving policy through the installation of a cogeneration system designed, assembled, and put into operation by Intergem, an Italian company, leader in the energy sector, located in Lomagna, Lecco. The sound-proof cogeneration plant, which was installed in a pre-existing building, will provide an electric and thermal efficiency of 42.4% and 44.4%, respectively, for a total of 86.4% efficiency.

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