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IGOR Gorgonzola takes the stage at Expo 2015 in the CIBUSèITALIA Pavilion.

The long wait is finally over. Expo 2015 has just opened its doors to the public and the turnout has already been quite remarkable; a unique opportunity for Igor Gorgonzola to showcase its products at the CIBUSèITALIA Pavilion.
An exciting Pavilion whose concept focuses on the most prestigious Italian food brands with the aim of spreading and strengthening the “Made in Italy” excellence throughout the world.
Igor Gorgonzola becomes part of a path stretching through 13 agrifood chains: milk and cheese, pasta, rice, sweets and snacks, vegetables, meat and sausages, beef chain, oil, vinegars and seasonings, fish products, traditional Italian drinks, nutraceuticals, poultry; and three thematic areas: sustainable technologies, brand and taste, and territories.

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