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Igor is On top of the world thanks to the American Spiker Kimberly Hill

The Igor Novara Volley is on top of the world: the American spiker Kimberly Hill, from Portland, tied a two–year contract this summer with Igor Novara Volley. Hill, was rewarded for her outstanding performances as Most Valuable Player and Second Best Outside Spiker during the Women’s World Championship, which saw the United States claim it’s title winning 3-1 against China during the final in Milan. Hill’s outstanding contribution to her team’s campaign included: 20 points scored, and a 61 attack percentage. Points that allowed the team’s way to bounce back, in a four-set match filled with some of the best rallies of the competition. Hill was decisive when the US won the first break and moved closer to China, and then she scored the winner which granted coach Karch Kiraly’s team its first World Cup in the history of this competition. A different final for the Italian national team of Noemi Signorile and Cristina Chirichella, defeated by Brazil in the final for the bronze: the two “azzurre” achieved, however, a valuable personal success, stopping their run just one step away from the podium. The Igor Novara Volley is now waiting impatiently the return of all its athletes from the World Cup: many new challenges await the players along with Kimberly Hill, after winning the World title and two personal awards.

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