IGOR per l'Ambiente
IGOR per l'Ambiente

IGOR for the environment

certificazione Zero Emission Company Thanks to its strong commitment towards a sustainable growth strategy, IGOR Gorgonzola has been certified as ZERO EMISSION COMPANY.

This acknowledgement attests that IGOR Gorgonzola reduced the greenhouse gas emissions to zero. This goal has been achieved thanks to energy efficiency measures in the production process and the purchase of 16.000 CERs, Certified Emission Reduction units from projects of Clean Development Mechanism.

IGOR Gorgonzola implements lots of activities for sustainability:

Impianti di cogenerazione
Cogeneration plants
IGOR Gorgonzola decided to equip their plant with two cogeneration plants with Green Energy features. Thanks to these methane gas plants, the emissions were significantly reduced and the self-sufficiency and stability of the production plants are ensured. This system allows to reuse 98% of engine thermal energy and exhaust gas with a significant reduction in energy waste.
Emissioni atmosferiche
Atmospheric emissions
Atmospheric emissions are periodically checked and thanks to the latest steam generators with reduced production of nitrogen monoxide, the emissions are constantly under the values foreseen by the current laws.
IGOR Gorgonzola usa solo latte fresco 100% Italiano
Only Italian fresh milk from the PDO territories is processed during production. No refrigeration units are lost during processing, from the storage temperature (max +4°) to the working temperature. All serum is concentrated with a low-power osmosis system with low energy absorption. Moreover, demineralized water resulting from this process is used for other aims in the production process.

IGOR Gorgonzola evita gli sprechi d’acqua
The use of water is controlled by programmable logic controllers to avoid waste. Compared to the European average of water use on the volumes produced in the dairy industry, IGOR Gorgonzola boasts one of the most efficient plants at all (source: French magazine “Process").
Riduzione uso plastica
Reduction of plastic use
Every year, thanks to the resealable foil and the elimination of plastic lids, Igor Gorgonzola reduces the use of plastic on almost 12 million 200 g-packs of Gorgonzola. We are also going to develop a 100% compostable packaging.
Trasporto ecologico a metano
Ecological methane transport
In order to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, we have sensitized our milk transporter to use a new type of ecological methane-powered means of transport. That is another concrete action carried out by IGOR Gorgonzola towards a sustainable growth policy, to improve environmental impact of its production processes and monitor the energy and water resources used in the factories.


Bee Friendly Confirming again the attention to the environmental sustainability, IGOR Gorgonzola launched a project called BEE-FRIENDLY in February 2020. This project consists in the placement of beehives in the plant in Cameri. This initiative aims at underlining the importance of bees which ensure the natural cycle thanks to pollination.

Certification ISO 50001

certificazione ISO 50001 IGOR Gorgonzola also received the certification ISO 50001. This voluntary international normative was issued by the International Organization for Standardization in 2011 and it is the new international standard for energy management.

The standard ISO 50001 focuses on the implementation of an Energy Management System thanks to a systematic approach for monitoring consumption in order to allow a more rational use of energy sources which are involved in the whole production process of the company, and to reduce their consumption, resulting in a significant energy saving.

Energy 100% from renewable resources

Renewable Resources with Axpo Certification IGOR has always been extremely attentive to the environmental impact through the implementation of a sustainable growth strategy. For this reason, Igor Gorgonzola has chosen to use only Energy from Renewable Resources with Axpo Certification, ensuring that the consumed energy has been produced by plants which use renewable resources.

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